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Patent for automatic voltage regulator from Dr. Ing. F. Krizik.
  1. The private joint stock company PATENTSERVIS is a folow-up to earlier precedessors before 1990.

  2. The team of emloyees mostly working in the company since it's foundation is composed prevailingly of European patent and trademark attorneys and barristers with long-time experience in the field.

  3. Individual patent agents and the company as a whole are appropriately ensured against damages caused to third parties.

  4. Since the foundation of the company having the stabilized number of 45 specialist, the number of applied inventions increased five times and the number of applied trademarks increased four times.

  5. As the first office in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia we have been applying:
    1. Since 1997 the Community trademarks in Alicante (Office for Harmonization in Internal Market)
    2. Since 2003 on-line electronically the European patents in Munich (European Patent Office)