Protection of Personal and Client Data in Patent Attorneys´ Office PATENTSERVIS, a.s., Joint-Stock Company

The PATENTSERVIS joint-stock company is an association of patent attorneys entered in the Register of Patent Attorneys maintained by the Patent Attorneys´ Chamber of the Czech Republic pursuant to Act no 417/2004 Coll., on Patent Attorneys. The subject of our activity as well as our mission is provision of professional service to natural persons and legal entities in matters of industrial property rights and their representation in front of state authorities. The purpose of such activity is not collection and subsequent processing or any other handling of personal data of our clients, whether natural persons or business companies. All data obtained by our company in connection with provision of our services are exclusively used for legally unquestionable identification of the client for the purpose of their representation and for communication with them.

Following legal force and effect of the respective European regulation on personal data protection – the GDPR – we hereby publish the following rules governing the activities of our company and providing a high level of protection of our clients´data in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation.

  1. 1. The nature of data of the clients our office works with is given by the client instructions in each particular case and by the requirements of the applicable legislation for subject identification in the area of industrial legal protection.

  2. 2. We do not sell or intermediate data obtained from our clients to any third parties. Our company and all its employees are bound by non-disclosure agreements in compliance with Act no 417/2004 Coll., on Patent Attorneys.

  3. 3. To protect our clients´ data our company has implemented a system of organisational and technical measures under an ongoing update process.

  4. 4. Computer network functioning is a necessity for security of data the patent and trademark office works with. Maximum achievable security of all client data in this network is our standard. Personal data protection means to us protection against loss, general availability, unauthorised modification and unauthorised access.

  5. 5. Physical security of our information system includes security of the company seat as a whole and security of individual localities, i.e. rooms and other spaces on the company premises, including the archives.

  6. 6. Technical security measures applied to our information system include the following:

  7. - Internal network access is secured by a system of user names, passwords and access rights.

    - File access provision to software suppliers is only possible with consent of the managing director on condition of the respective supplier contract including a penalty clause in case of business secret disclosure. Access is only permitted under supervision of a system operator.

    - External suppliers as a rule only work with fictitious data within the given file structure.

    - Access of unauthorised employees and any other persons to database administrator workstations is prohibited.

    - Data processed in the context of client orders are only processed according to the client instructions.

    - Sufficient controls are provided to know when and by whom any data have been entered in the information system.

    - Print of data files is restricted, except for bulk invoice printing performed by an authorised employee of the accounting department at a detached workplace.

    - For the purpose of the whole system security the company also uses stations not connected to the internal data network. These stations are used wherever there are connections to external data bases. These stations serve for data research for client or for internal use, or for monitoring service provided to our clients. The stations are also used for internet access.

    - Antivirus protection of our information system is mechanical, i.e. by dismantling of USB inputs of every network connected computer. Antivirus protection is also organised by electronic means, i.e. by antivirus software for servers, stations and electronic mail.